It's Redrun 3. Let's go big. We want our zombies and living insane to look.. well.. insane. This year, we aren't not even sure why we are still calling it makeup. Body Paint Factory is the region's name in body paint art. From fashion shows to major themed events, Body Paint Factory is a group of extremely talented artists that create movement in the art of paint on flesh. Using the human body as a canvas for the artistic imagination, they are masters at creating the unimaginable. You simply must visit their website.. amazing stuff

and, of course, we always encourage you to accentuate with your own style

Here are the options for Redrun's living dead. Click on image for larger picture.


Are you ready to go berzerk? We got The Wiz Kid to headline the Zombie Manifestival and we can't freaking wait.

The Wiz Kid is a fresh new cover band out of Sacramento,CA. They may be new, but they have been killing the tour scene, killing major festivals and crushing reviews everywhere they play. The only have one goal, to play music and get the Party Started!!

Playing your top 40 favorites of all styles of Rock-Pop-R&B and even a touch of Country, The Wiz Kid has a lil' something for everyone! Get your dancing shoes on and prepare for a good time....The Wiz Kid is coming!



While many of next year's details are under wraps for now, the one thing we can announce is Redrun 3 will feature two courses! You can register for either a 3.33 run or for the traditional 6.66 gauntlet. The length of your journey is up to you.

Registration for both courses, living dead and living insane is now open. The 6.66 mile course is on sale for $45 while the 3.33 is only $35.



This crawl will be extraordinary. We have formed several new partnerships that will bring a wide variety of free tastings throughout the 13 historic saloons in Virginia City. Many try to duplicate, but no one can match the authenticity of saloons that are over 100 years old. Coors Light, Southern Wine and Spirits and the bars of Virginia City will team up to bring you a crawl unlike any other. Get your cup and map to exclusively sample a wide range of Rerun themed drinks and one-of-a kind Virginia City specialty drinks. The samples may proove to be just enough, but if you need more, you will receive special pricing on all drinks with your cup. Finish the map for a chance to win the grand prize (TBD). Map and bar listing coming later this summer.


Episode 4 - Final Episode Before We Air Episode 5 at Redrun

With his only partner gone to the dead side, what will Fielding do now…

Cornered in one of the most storied areas of Virginia City, will Fielding escape Chinatown and the hordes of zombies descending on him? To be continued on 10/11/14 as part of the most exclusive, fierce and startling run you will ever experience. Keep your eyes peeled, you never know what or who will be lurking around the corner.

Old Chinatown: Virginia City's Chinatown numbered nearly 2,000 at its height in the early 1870s and was one of the century's largest Asian communities in the country. The residents of Chinatown came to Nevada during the early mining days and did much of the hard work that helped establish the state. They toiled in the dust of the Comstock and some say they still can hear the clank of the shovels and picks echoing out of China Town.


How’s your 5-minute mile? You’ll need it for this 6-mile course at an elevation of 6,150 feet. Runners battle six steep grades through mud and flee through century-old train tunnels, the country’s only working stamp mill, haunted buildings, a train graveyard, and more. Oh, and don’t forget those terrifying dead zones and either be Redrun constructed obstacles or natural unusual challenges along the course that only Virginia City can throw at ya… all while being chased by zombies.



Last year registration at Virginia City was packed. This year, don't wait in line! Register Friday, October 10th at CBQ Cowboy Bar & Grill.

CBQ is located behind Scheels in the Legends shopping center. Redrun registration will take place from 5pm - 10pm on CBQ's giant outdoor patio. New runners will also be able to register on site.

This 6 mile course is no joke. Your going to need the energy for Saturday's survival of Zombigeddon. Get your grub on at CBQ. All Redrun participants will receive 15% off of their bill.

CBQ will be at Redrun 2 on Saturday October 11th. Each runner will get a free CBQ signature slider.


Virginia City erupted as a boomtown with the 1859 unearthing of the Comstock Lode, the first major silver deposit discovery in the United States. Virginia City looked much different in its heyday; most of the structures have no evidence of existence due in large part to the Great Fire of 1875 which caused an estimated $12 million in damages. Redrun II guides you right into the dead of the region most affected by the devastating fire. Although much of the burn zone has returned to its earthly beginnings, you will feel that something we call "living history" as you make your way through the landmark


Are you prepared to fight the zombies? The CDC will recommend you seek refuse at Virginia City's temporary military camp, but you will find it has been overrun by zombies. Most of the troops have retreated to the hills. The ones that didn't get away… They'll get to you next.


Only one month to prepare for the zombie apocalypse. To help you with your training, we are announcing our third dead zone. 
Virginia & Truckee Railroad: Nevada's most famous short line is the Virginia & Truckee Railroad connecting Reno with Carson City, Virginia City and Minden.   Operating for 80 years, the V&T was Nevada's Bonanza Railroad as it hauled valuable Comstock ore to quartz reduction mills located at Silver City and along the Carson River.  

If you can keep your head on a swivel, try to catch a glimpse of the handful of remaining cars that were built in the late 1800's. They still sit in Virginia City's original V&T station, which once gave travel to some of the most well-known figures in American History.  The V&T station has been featured in several movies, including Johnny Depp's Dead Man.  If you really pay attention, you'll see an authentic gallows that was used for public hangings in the late 1800's. 

Will Fielding Survive?  This 5 part video series will lead up to the most unique opening to any run on the planet!


We know you have been eagerly waiting to hear more details about the race course. Wait no longer! Announcing Dead Zone 2 - You will run through the only operating gold mill in the world, better watch yourself.

The Comstock Gold Mill, the operating 1860s Joshua Hendy two stamp machine that processed much of the ore from the Comstock Lode, is the second dead zone on the Redrun course. This was a dangerous place to work, just like most of the mines and other industries of the time. The stamps alone weigh 1000 lbs. each which would crush and pulverize the ore into a powder. It is thought that the men who were unlucky enough to get caught in the machinery still venture to the mill and clock in for their shift. The dead of the Gold Mill have plenty of places to hide as they wait for you to take the wrong step or pause for just a second too long.


IT'S HERE! Episode 2 is ready for you but are you ready for it? Pay close attention to the building Fielding tries to hide in, it's the Yellow Jacket Mine the location of the largest industrial accident in Nevada. The Redrun II course leads you through the same location on October 11, try not to get cornered.

Fielding - our cynical ghost hunter - is running for his life from the dead of Virginia City. Trying to escape to a safe location he enters the Yellow Jacket Mine, the site of Nevada's worst industrial disaster and it is soon to become part of Nevada's zombie apocalypse. The dead of Virginia City won't be dead for long. Will Fielding survive to the end? Follow the episodes to find out how these videos will lead into the most unique start to any run.




EPSISODE 1 TEASER LAUNCHED -We are hungry for Redrun! So much so we are starting early. Meet Fielding. You will get know this cat as he stars in a 5 part video installment . We will release five episodes leading up to Redrun 2. Fielding will live and breath the beginning of the Zombie Apocalypse in Virginia City. The 5th and final episode will be launched at Redrun with the conclusion filmed live starring you. Everything regarding this is being kept secret and will play right into the how the hordes are launched into Zombiegeddon. If you thought the launch last year was unique... you're in for something truly special. Last year was just the beginning.

Fielding - a skeptical ghost hunter visiting Virginia City, Nevada, reportedly one of the most haunted towns in the U.S. He's here to find out if the ghost stories are true. But he'll soon find much more than he bargained for. Will he survive? Find out in the episodes to come that lead up to the most unique opening to any run.



It's time to start releasing our dead zones and obstacles!  Redrun 2 will feature a revised 6 mile course with a series of 6 hair-raising dead zones featuring some of the most famously haunted locations ever documented.

So what's the first dead zone announcement? Ok, we are cheating on this one... C Street / downtown Virginia City will return!   Here is the kicker.... Downtown Virginia City will be home to the most unique opening to any run on the planet. 

Redrun is currently producing a five episode video series that will keep you guessing right up to your run time.  The first Episode will debut 7.14.14. The 5th and final episode will air 10.11.14 at Redrun 2.  

We can't tell you any more than that or we will spoil the surprise. The launch from downtown Virginia City into Zombiegeddon will be unlike anything you've seen before.  Whatever you do, don't miss out. Get yourself registered before it's too late. Get in before the next price increase (August 1st)

1/31/14 6:66 am

Great sequels embrace the foundation of the original, and from there . . . everything gets bigger, better and in this case, a lot bloodier! Based in one of the most haunted and storied “living” ghost towns in the country, you will come across some of the most famously chilling landmarks ever documented. If you think you’d seen it all in the original, think again.


1. A revised 6 mile course with a variety of new hair-raising dead zones. The dead zones will be released periodically leading up to Redrun 2.

2. Six dramatically enhanced obstacles. Stay hidden - Stay Alive. You will be tested. These obstacles will be released periodically leading up to Redrun 2. We could not be more excited!

3. A hell of a lot more blood. The living insane will find a wide range of ways to cover your living corpse in deep dark red blood. Will it be real? You'll never know for sure, nor will you have any idea whose it might be. Hell, it might be yours. Either way, just know Redrun’s signature gooey, dark red liquid has been perfected.

4. More revive flags. A lot more!

5. Everyone who finishes will receive a uniquely designed Redrun medal as you cross the finish line. Those who survive will be forever immortalized into the “Redrun Sanctuary”. The Sanctuary will be posted on after the event, and engraved on a Redrun Headstone, which will forever remain in Virginia City.

6. Upgraded revive stations with more of everything, including music, space, water, beer, etc.

7. The Zombie Procession. Before the first horde is released, this haunted town will be overrun by a procession of the living dead down the middle of Main Street as you are unleashed into Zombigeddon!

8. New this year: more detailed zombie and living insane rules and procedures. Not all zombies are the same. Some are more advanced than others. The newly transformed zombies are more agile and quick on their feet. Since this is a running event, they will chase you. Be warned and be quick on your feet. Bring the support of your pack and you just might survive as you'll have fewer chasing zombies to contend with in these select zones. However, the longer the dead have been walking, the slower and more decayed these hordes become. Some Dead Zones you'll sprint past just a few zombies, while others you'll have a mob of zombies to avoid. Good luck.

9. Redrun will host a pre-registration and packet pickup in Reno, NV (Date and details TBD). Same-day registration and packet pickup will be enhanced, giving you more time to enjoy the ambiance, history, and allure that is Virginia City.

10. A more advanced and easier team registration system that will allow you to track your team sign ups and post to social media.

11. Join the THE RESISTANCE! This is your chance! Get the perks of being a part of Redrun 2 without having to run. Positions include: The Militia (Course Spotters), Registration, Obstacle spotters and Revive Station personnel. Resistance will receive all of the benefits of the Zombie and Living Insane participants.



The remaining apparel from the Redrun Morgue is now available online


533 photos have been added to our facebook photo gallery. Check it out, tag your friends. More photos to come.

10.13.13 THANK YOU!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the very first Redrun! What an incredible turn out. First year it was much bigger than anticipated with registrations nearly doubling in the last week. It was crazy and it was a blast. We have already begun our planning. We can't wait for next year and we will be ready! Redrun 2.. you just wait. Pictures and the morgue store will be up tomorrow.

4.5.13 Welcome to Redrun

You will not experience anything like this run. You will run right through the most frightening and historic locations in one of the most haunted towns in the world. If you are a runner.. you only need to survive the 6 mile obstacle run. Sounds simple? Well it won't be. Redrun is armageddon. On October 12, the Dead will rise and an all out war will erupt. You must make it through Virginia City un-captured and unscathed. The dead will want to catch you, but the living insane will want to destroy you. It's a shame that the insane can't tell the difference between the living or the dead, so their goal is the eradicate everything.

You can register for this event three different ways 1) as a runner 2) as zombie / creature or 3) as the living insane.

Click on "The Race" link above for more information.


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