REDRUN will take you on a tour of some of the most famously haunted locations in the world!
This is the most authentic Zombie run on the planet.

If you think you saw it all in the original Redrun, think again. Each year Redrun will feature a revised course. Virginia City is one of the most well-known and visited towns by ghost hunters and paranormal experts from all over the world. At its peak, Virginia City was the largest city in Nevada and one of the largest in the west. Much of Virginia City was burned to the ground during the great fire of 1875. Although rebuilt to keep with the demands of the Comstock Lode, it never fully returned to its peak and slowly died in the decades that followed. Virginia City's sprawling hills are home to hundreds of famously reported paranormal occurrences across dozens of locations. A single run will not expose them all. You will run through century old tunnels, mining bunkers, cemeteries, abandoned buildings, train yards and right down the streets of VC.

We will launch the details of these locations periodically leading up to Redrun 2. Just our way of keeping you tossing and turning at night as you contemplate your demise.

Dead Zone 1- Downtown Virginia City

Virgina CityDowntown Virginia City will be home to the most unique opening to any run on the planet. 

Redrun is currently producing a five episode video series that will keep you guessing right up to your run time.  The first Episode will debut 7.14.14. The 5th and final episode will air 10.11.14 at Redrun 2.  

We can't tell you any more than that or we will spoil the surprise. The launch from downtown Virginia City into Zombiegeddon will be unlike anything you've seen before.  Whatever you do, don't miss out.

Join our Facebook page and witness the images that make this run so unique. Read the stories behind the photos and get to know the history behind the dead zones and your hair will stand up on the back of your neck as you make your way through one of America's only "living" ghost towns. The official map will be available this summer.



To survive you just can't do it alone. The obstacles will force you to work together with friends, companions and complete strangers. You all have one thing in common... to live. Details on each obstacle are currently being kept quiet and will be released at random. They will be released right here on this page as well as added to the map. But some secrets may be better off left dead and buried.

The Obstacles for Redrun 2 will be dramatically enhanced. These new obstacles are what we are most excited about. You will be tested. Be warned.


You will be dying out there, but don't worry there will be random Revive stations throughout the course. The Revive stations are safe zones. This is not a timed event. It's more about survival and these completely revamped revive stations will be sick! More space, more shade, more beer, more water, more everything. Stay and relax.



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