REDRUN will take you on a tour of some of the most famously haunted locations in the world!
This is the most authentic Zombie run on the planet.

If you think you saw it all, think again. Each year Redrun will feature a revised course. Virginia City is one of the most well-known and visited towns by ghost hunters and paranormal experts from all over the world. At its peak, Virginia City was the largest city in Nevada and one of the largest in the west. Much of Virginia City was burned to the ground during the great fire of 1875. Although rebuilt to keep with the demands of the Comstock Lode, it never fully returned to its peak and slowly died in the decades that followed. Virginia City's sprawling hills are home to hundreds of famously reported paranormal occurrences across dozens of locations. A single run will not expose them all. You will run through century old tunnels, mining bunkers, cemeteries, abandoned buildings, train yards and right down the streets of VC.

For those running the 3.33 mile course, you will encounter 3 - 4 deadzones while those running the full gauntlet will witness all 6. Below you will find the historic landmarks that will be featured on both courses. Clear here to download this year's map.

3.33 AND 6.66 COURSES


Saint Mary's Catholic Church is one of the most famous structures in the country and is Nevada's oldest Catholic Church. This church was mostly destroyed in the Great Fire of 1875, however rebuilt around what was left of its existing structure. Pray for your safety before the dead prey on you.




Virginia City looked much different in its heyday; most of the structures have no evidence of existence due in large part to the Great Fire of 1875. Redrun guides you right into the dead of the region most affected by the devastating fire.




Operating in the 1860s the two stamp machine that processed much of the ore from the Comstock Lode was an extremely dangerous place to work. It is thought that the men who were unlucky enough to get caught in the machinery still venture to the mill and clock in for their shift.




The second Savage Mine Drift sits just below the Gold Stamp Mill. This mine shaft is still extremely dangerous. Quarantined off, this mine emits dangerous gasses that have summoned the demise of several trespassers including a teacher and his student only 15 years ago.




Nevada's most famous short line is the Virginia & Truckee Railroad. Operating for 80 years, the V&T was Nevada's Bonanza Railroad. If you can keep your head on a swivel, try to catch a glimpse of the handful of remaining cars that were built in the late 1800's. They still sit in Virginia City's original V&T station, which once gave travel to some of the most well-known figures in American History.




Featured on Travel Channel’s most haunted locations and in Johnny Depp’s “Dead Man”. Johnny Depp stayed at the mansion during the filming and famously a little girl dressed in all-white paid him a visit. Others have heard that same girl playing in one of the upstairs rooms. Several visitors have claimed spotting a colonel sitting in the kitchen...and women making endless trips up and down the stairs.




Featured on the Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures” and SyFy’s “Ghost Hunters”, this playground for millionaires is well known for three distinct spirits. 1) An attractive blonde apparition, known as the lady in blue, is often spotted at the top of the staircase. 2) A scared little girl who was murdered in an upstairs closet remains in spirit and 3) an old time prospector causes several issues with the staff by snatching unattended drinks. With bullet holes in the ceiling, a mummified cat resting atop an antique piano, and a looping video with testimonials of haunted spirits, this location is most well known for SyFy’s Ghost Hunters capturing the most distinct ghostly figure ever recorded on video.

The Silver Queen

The most infamously haunted location in Virginia City. A must see.According to Silver Queen lore, it is reported to be haunted by a tragic woman who died on the property. In this case, a prostitute named Rosie reportedly slashed her wrists in the bathtub of Room 11 and now wanders the hotel, tapping on doors and frightening guests. Rosie seems to have a preference for men as the rooms she visits are primarily occupied by males. Room 11 and Room 13 are particularly prone to paranormal activity. Guests on Trip Advisor and Yelp describe loud noises at night, sounds that include tapping on walls, jingling doorknobs, sudden bangs, voices in unoccupied rooms, and the sound of footsteps on a wooden floor. The footsteps are particularly odd considering the hotel is completely carpeted. Many guests assumed other visitors were responsible for the noise, but talked to front desk staff and learned they were the only guests on the floor.



Virginia City's China Town is the remains of a ghost town. Prejudice kept the Chinese separate from the heart of Virginia City. Most of Virginia City's China Town and their residents burned to the ground during the Great Fire of 1875.


Built in 1875 and home to many sick and mortally injured miners. This hospital is well known for many ghostly aberrations and has been featured in several investigative television shows, newspaper articles and Youtube videos. Fingernail scratches are still present on the walls where the incarcerated were kept.




B Street

B Street is home to several well documented locations that have seen their fair share of reports of the living dead from Piper’s Opera House, Old Corner Bar to the old Virginia City Courthouse, but what could spook the old Bishop Manogue himself? As you flee down B Street, know that once you pass the Masonic Lodge, that a ghostly presence was reported by the Bishop himself seeking forgiveness as the Bishop visited with the boy’s mother who was grieving from his death.


The Fourth Ward School

This is the only Victorian School building still standing in the UnitedStates. Built in 1876, the last class graduated in 1936 and was home to more than 1,000 students from 1st to 12th grade. Apparitions of a woman believed to be “Miss Suzette” has been seen and reported on several documented cases walking across the school yard. Some have even interacted with her as she’s trying to get to school.


Chollar, Norcross & Savage Mine Shaft

The horror that fell upon thousands that worked these mine shafts is too great in number to document them all here. These abandoned shafts extend to more than 2,400 feet deep. Falling to their deaths wasn’t the only common fate awaiting many of the lode workers. Underground fires, runaway ore carts, falling equipment, premature blasts, crumbling walls, gasses and ungodly heat pockets are a few ways these miners suffered a catalog of horrors. Today there are reports of roving apparations and disembodied voices in an otherwise silent underground. Hundreds of tourists have experienced the distinct sense of touch or watched by unseen forces.

Yellow Jacket Mine

Home to the largest industrial accident in Nevada’s history. April 7, 1868 a fire spread at the 800 foot leve andl burned for nearly three months with dozens of miners trapped while the heat, fire and poisonous gasses flooded the shaft. Somehow the fire started when shifts were changing limiting the casualties to 35. Historians aren’t sure if it was better to have perished during the fire or be one of the hundreds that witnessed the suffering first hand. Today a wide variety of witnesses are convinced that the ill-fated miners still remain and may be the reason behind the hauntings at the Gold Hill Hotel.

The Gold Hill Hotel

Located next to and above the Yellow Jacket Mine, built in 1859, it is the oldest existing hotel in Nevada. The Gold Hill hotel is ranked by several well known ghost hunters as one of the 10 most haunted locations in the world. What makes it so well known, among ghost hunters, is the documented hauntings have been consistent from one generation to the next with the same encounters by the same apparitions reported by different people from different parts of the world.


V&T Train Tunnel

More than 120 years old, this train tunnel is one of the oldest in the country. Transporting the comstock load, this signature Redrun landmark is a photo opp. As you run down its middle, you’ll find yourself lost in the dark and wondering why the walls aren’t collasping all around you. If you really pay attention, as you exit, you'll see an authentic gallow that was used for public hangings in the late 1800’s.


The Combination Mine Shaft

New to Redrun and THE signature landmark of this year’s run, The Combination Mine was once the deepest mine in the world at 3,300 feet and is currently the most frightening stop on the run. Removed and overlooking Virginia City, this hand dug mine still has timbers and huge stone blocks leaning over the ghost of a shaft. To look down into the shaft is like leaning over the world’s tallest buidling, but instead of a view, you’ll just gaze into the darkness that is Virginia City’s history. Know that somewhere at the bottom of the shaft there is a story from the 1950s of a sports car that was set a blaze and driven into it’s belly, which is the reason the timbers above are visibly burned.



To survive you just can't do it alone. The obstacles will force you to work together with friends, companions and complete strangers. You all have one thing in common... to live. Details on each obstacle are currently being kept quiet and will be released at random. They will be released right here on this page as well as added to the map. But some secrets may be better off left dead and buried. You will be tested. Be warned.


You will be dying out there, but don't worry there will be random Revive stations throughout the course. The Revive stations are safe zones. This is not a timed event. It's more about survival and these completely revamped revive stations will be sick! More space, more shade, more beer, more water, more everything. Stay and relax.



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